Due to high printing costs for the small runs we are currently doing, we decided we would need to start off doing as much of the process ourselves as possible. This meant cutting and making up the notelets and envelopes ourselves, and also of course tackling the gumming of the envelopes. After searching online, we found several recipes to test out at home before settling on the one below. Chris also came up with the ingenious idea of creating our own Festive flavoured gumming for our Natale range, using Eggnog flavouring!Image 

Heres how we did it……

To make the glue, you will need these basic ingredients:
3 TBSP white vinegar
1 sheet unflavoured gelatin
1 TSP eggnog flavouring (you can find this online easily enough)
1 TSP vanilla extract
2 TSP white sugar

To start, heat the vinegar -as I don’t have a microwave I heated it in a small pan on the stove. You only need to do this for about a minute maximum, so it is hot enough to dissolve the gelatine. Now you add your sheet of gelatine and stir until it dissolves completely into the vinegar.


Now you add your sugar to the mixture….


Then finally your eggnog flavouring and vanilla extract, and you’ve got a delicious festive flavoured and scented envelope glue!
I think this has potential to work with a variety of different flavours, and is definitely something I plan to experiment with for our other ranges. Now you are ready to gum your envelopes, you will need to do this while the glue is still warm and runny with a small flat paintbrush-I transferred mine into a small tupperware to make it easier to apply and store. The glue should store for up to a month in an airtight container in the fridge, you will need to reheat it each time you want to use it.
Happy gumming!


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