Turning over a new leaf in London

Spring has sprung and Tropicals are all around! With the weather starting to show the odd sign of breaking theres so many things to do to celebrate in London at the moment. You could take a walk around the snowdrop garden in Chelsea which gives you the chance to see a wide selection of snow drops and other winter flowering plants, go on trials around the gardens and even pick up some of the snowy delights for yourself; http://chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk/special-events/snowdrops-days/

Or if you need a bit more heat than London is generally offering you could pop over to Kew Gardens to the Orchids show. Held in the Prince of Wales Conservatory this is a chance to “discover cascades of Vanda orchids, drapes of tropical flowers and a plant hunter’s camp and floating canoe bulging with plants destined for distant lands”

Kew Gardens- Orchid Show

Kew Gardens- Orchid Show

Of particular interest to us here at CL.AM is the current exhibition at the Garden Museum http://www.gardenmuseum.org.uk/page/fashion-and-gardens inbetween Lambeth and Westminster Bridge. Fashion & Gardens is about the relationship between garden design and fashion design. Although a long established link has been accepted this is one of the first exhibitions to explore the relationship.
Featuring ”designers from Valentino and Alexander McQueen to Philip Treacy and Christopher Bailey”

Philip Treacy Orchid Hat

Philip Treacy Orchid Hat

it sounds like one not to miss, and of particular relevance to us as many of our envelope designs are fashion inspired.

Our Tropicana design along with Sicilia was in fact featured in last weeks ESmagazine in their Valentines special. A big thanks to them for sharing the CL.AM love and also bringing a bit of Tropicana to a very grey February 14th!

CL-AM Correspondence feature in ES Magazine

CL-AM Correspondence feature in ES Magazine

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