the postal worker’s daughter draws email

I love the idea of this, having recently started my own stationery company , I do worry that the art of letter -writing and the human emotion that goes with this, is being lost over time with the epic rise of technology. I never thought of them as working hand in hand so this is a really nice marriage of the two, itโ€™s all correspondence I guess-great post! x

I know you're a serious lady

In November, I wrote a bunch of letters to strangers as a volunteer letter artist for Snail Mail My Email, an annual week-long event during which you can submit an email to be handwritten, doodled on, maybe even sealed with a kiss, and snail mailed to anyone in the world.

I come from a letter-writing family (my dad is a postal worker), have had pen-pal friendships all my life, and loved The Jolly Postman and Griffin and Sabine books as a kid, so when I first heard about this project, I got it instantly. So did a lot of other people; I was one of over 200 volunteers who collectively drew 2,000+ emails (the first Snail Mail My Email, created by Ivan Cash in 2011, is now a book). However, I was surprised by the number of people to whom I had to explain several times what Iโ€ฆ

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