It’s day two of National Stationery Week, which means its ‘Notebook Day’. For those true stationery addicts out there. I’m sure you will agree theres nowt quite as sacred as purchasing a crisp new shiny notebook, that you LOVE. Finally a worthy place to scribble down all those genius thoughts you seem to only have, on the tube/train/bus/while shopping, and worry will be lost to you forever if you don’t quickly get them on paper! The best part being, a lustworthy notebook usually requires the purchase of a similarly lustworthy pen(s), as the first page Has to look perfect…this quickly gets forgotten as you work your way through, but you meant well.


Having just launched our own A6 pack of 3 hand-bound printed notebooks, I am rather in love with toting my handbag-perfect size LA SANDIA around, to scrawl down the mass of daily thoughts that spill out of my mind on the move. I have also found presenting a fun notebook in meetings can be a real icebreaker, and help to lift the dreary monday mood of fellow colleagues. As if you needed any more reason to get notebook shopping, we are offering 20% off CL.AM CORRESPONDENCE stationery all this week! Simply use discount code NSW and jazzy new stationery could be delivered to your doorstep…Happy National Stationery Week!




3 thoughts on “HAPPY NOTEBOOK DAY !

  1. Ha glad I am not the only one who suddenly has to note something down when in the middle of a shop or something like that. Sadly it is not so easy when I get the inspiration when I am driving!

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